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Editorial Team of the European Youth Press

The WAR OR PEACE Festival was covered by five young journalists of the European Youth Press. They are going to publish articles and interviews of the Festival in the Orange Magazine of the EYP. Here, they give you short impression of who they are and what they do. Stay tuned for the publication of the Orange Magazine!


I am Francesco Lanzone. Born in Genova (Italy) in 1995, I received my Bachelor degree in European studies at Maastricht University last summer. I’m currently studying Public Policy at SciencesPo in Paris. During my studies I collaborated with the Maastricht-based journal The Crocodile by covering the Refugee Crisis in Calais, the independentist movement in Catalonia and by writing a series on technology and society. I’m very much interested in photography and filmmaking, and when I have access to the sea I try to surf as much as possible.

Foto: bpb / BILDKRAFTWERK / Zöhre Kurc

I am Caroline Paul Kanjookaran, currently, I am pursuing my Masters in Sustainability in Germany. As a freelance journalist, I have more than five years experience writing about sustainability, environmental issues, clean energy, education, public policy, health, lifestyle and youth issues. I am the Project Co-ordinator of Orange Magazine (European Youth Press’ event-based online magazine) and recently provided editorial coverage for Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum 2018, focusing on ‘Global Inequalities’. I can handle both traditional and new media and am also interested in photo journalism.

My name is Teona Goderdzishvili and I am Georgian journalist from Tbilisi. After having finished my MA in Media Industries in VMU (Lithuania), I joined Chai Khana media platform team as a social media manager and a freelancer author. In my journalistic work I have a special interest in international relations, conflicts, education, filmmaking. In doing so, I like to share and document individual, human stories rather than mainstream narratives. In my spare time I love to hike or to travel.

I am Dominik Rehbaum and I am a 23-years young journalist from Göttingen who works for the European Youth Press and the Spectrum Magazine. After having obtained my Bachelors Degree in European Studies at Maastricht University I am currently taking a gap year before continuing with my Master programme. I am very much interested in all kinds of political and societal issues. To get my mind off the many contemporary political issues I like to do sports and to play music.

My name is Daniela Ešnerová and I am a Czech journalist. After having completed the Erasmus Mundus programme in journalism I moved to the UK. I am currently living in London, where I work as a financial journalist. I enjoy exploring or solely existing, depending on the mood.


from left to right: Francesco Lanzone, Daniela Ešnerová , Caroline Paul Kanjookaran, Teona Goderdzishvili, Dominik Rehbaum. photo: bpb / Laurin Schmid / BILDKRAFTWERK