General Information

What is the festival about?

2018 marks the centenary of the end of the First World War. On the occasion of its remembrance, the Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb) and the Maxim Gorki Theatre Berlin invited international guests and artists to explore questions of “War or Peace” throughout history. For more detailed information, please refer to our About Page.

Who is the festival for?

The festival addressed everyone who is interested in history, its reception and education and how it is linked to current issues and future developments. Selected parts of the programme, like theatre plays and other interesting events, were open to the public.

The international “Campus” as an integral part of the festival was especially designed for committed young adults between the age of 18* and 30 who contributed diverse backgrounds and perspectives to the festival. Participation was only possible after successful registration. Find out more about the Campus here.

*Participants had to reached the age of 18 by the first day of the festival on 17th October.

When does the festival take place?

The Campus took place from Wednesday 17th October to Sunday 21st October 2018. Some of the extended public programme did continue before or after that time.

Where does the festival take place?

The festival took place in Berlin. You can find more information regarding the venues at the bottom of our Campus page.

I am accepted as a participant to the festivals’ Campus – Can I bring a plus one?

Plus ones could not take part in the Campus programme, unless they signed up as well. However, the public events of the festival programme also offered interesting insights on the topic of War or Peace and were open for guests who are visiting or living in Berlin. Here you can find more information on the programme.

If you are a participant to the Campus and require personal assistance due to health conditions or impairments, please get in touch with us: warorpeace@bpb-registration.de.

I will be unable to attend the whole festival. Can I still sign up for the Campus?

To qualify for taking part in the Campus and receiving travel allowance, you had to take part in all of the mandatory events of the Campus programme (17-20 October, 2018). In case you already know that you will be unable to attend the workshops in full length due to time constraints, you should not apply for the Campus. If you are based in Berlin, consider taking part in the public programme instead.

Will I have time for individual leisure activities as a Campus participant?

The festival was designed to allow enough time for you to chat and relax on the festival grounds. There will also be exciting side activities to the festival with a varied range of activities and events that allowed you to get to know Berlin. Please note, that as a Campus participant who will receive accommodation and travel allowance by the Federal Agency for Civic Education / bpb, your engaged involvement into all mandatory programme parts (especially the workshops) is expected. Therefore, make sure to be free of other commitments from Oct. 17-20.

Campus Registration

How can I apply for participation?

If you want to participate in the festivals’ Campus, please apply by using the registration tool within the application period. Please note that registration is now closed. After submitting the application, a selection of participants will be made by the organisers and you will receive notice upon the success of your application 3 month prior to the festival at the latest. Please note that we can only consider complete applications written in English.

Can everybody participate in the Camus who registers?

The number of participants for the Campus is limited. We wish to apologise in advance that not every application can be accepted in the case of very high demand. You can increase the possibility of acceptance by carefully providing all required information during the registration process and submitting your application early. Please understand that the organisers cannot state individual reasons for negative replies.

What is required for participation?

The workshops offered as part of the festivals’ Campus will be held in English. Therefore, English skills that allow you to take part in discussions and group work are required for participation.

Moreover, participants need to possess a valid identification document which is required for check-in at the hotel, the festival badge, and arrival from abroad.

Should I prepare a motivational statement?

Yes. The festivals’ Campus was designed for committed young adults who can contribute diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Participants should have outstanding interest in the topic and motivation to contribute their own knowledge and points of view which they are eager to enhance in Berlin and take back to their home countries and fields of activity. Ideally, participants have previous project experience in the fields of transnational work of remembrance, (artistic) examination of conflict and peace issues, historical projects etc. This is no requirement for participation, however. We look forward to welcoming a heterogeneous group of participants engaging in vivid discourse. Please tell us about your interests and why you would like to become part of War or Peace in 1500 characters max. during the registration process. Please do not submit additional motivation letters by E-Mail.

How do I pick a workshop?

There will be a total of 20 workshops. During registration, you can state six prioritised preferences. Preference 1 is the workshop you are interested in the most. We will try to accommodate your preferences but wish to apologise in advance that this will not always be possible.

What happens after my registration?

Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation of your application. After registration has closed, it will take approximately two weeks until we can provide information about the status of your application. All this information is submitted via E-Mail, so make sure to be accessible via the contact details you stated during registration.

PLEASE NOTE: Your final participation in the festivals’ Campus is only granted if you then, as a final step, bindingly confirm your participation to the organisers (you will receive information as to how to do so via E-Mail with your acceptance to the festival) – if you fail to confirm your participation, we will have to offer your spot to another applicant.

I have not received a confirmation of my application after registration – what should I do?

If you have passed through all steps of the registration process and clicked on “Register” in the end, your application has been completed. In case you do not receive a confirmation of your application within 72h, please get in touch with the organising team at warorpeace@bpb-registration.de.

I am on the waiting list – how likely can I participate?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide any information as to how likely it is that you will be able to participate in the festival after having been put on the waiting list. The number of available places depends on the number of cancellations etc. and is therefore difficult to predict.

If I have to cancel can I transfer my acceptance to friend?

Only the person that has registered and whose application has been accepted may take part in the festival. Participation is non-transferable.

What should I do when my personal information changes after registration?

It is important that your personal information is up to date. In the event of any changes, please get in touch at warorpeace@bpb-registration.de.

Can I get an invitation letter for my visa application?

If you need an official invitation letter for your visa application (see VISA Checklist), please state this at the respective step in the registration process. After we have reviewed your application and admitted you to the festival, you will receive further information.


What workshops will be offered?

You can find a complete overview of the workshops offered here

When will the exact timetable of the programme and workshops be announced?

Starting in summer, we will successively announce items on the programme on our website, including the speakers. The exact time slots of the items on the programme will be announced shortly before the festival and can be looked up on our website as well as in the festival brochure.

Can I get in touch with my workshop leaders before the festival?

There is no possibility for participants to get in touch with the workshop leaders in advance. If the workshop leaders need to contact you in advance, they will do so in due time. If you have any important questions, please get in touch with the festival management: warorpeace@bpb-registration.de.

When will I find out in which workshop I can participate?

You will find out about your workshop as part of your final confirmation of participation which you will receive about three months prior to the festival.

Can I change my workshop after allocation?

After having been assigned to one workshop it is not possible to change to another.

Accommodation, Arrival, and Catering

Will an accommodation be provided?

The bpb will provide accommodation for all accepted participants from 17th to 21st October 2018. This period cannot be extended. Participants will be accommodated in same-sex rooms together with other festival participants.

Until when do I have to check in and out?

Check-in at the hostel will be possible from 15:00 on 17th October. You will need to check out by 10:00 on 21st October. More information regarding arrival and the hostel will be provided as part of the confirmation of your participation.

May I receive a booking confirmation?

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide individual booking confirmations. In case you need one for visa or customs matters, please request a confirmation of your accommodation from the organisers at warorpeace@bpb-registration.de. This confirmation will be sufficient for visa and customs matters.

Can I extend my stay in Berlin beyond the festival?

Your period of stay can be customised. Please note that we cannot organise or cover accommodation for you other than depicted above.

Is there free WiFi at the hostel?


Do I have to book my journey myself?

You are responsible for booking your own journey. Please wait for your final confirmation of participation and your final reconfirmation to the organisers before making your booking.

How do I get from the airport or train station to the hostel?

Unfortunately we cannot provide airport or train station pickup. You will receive a separate detailed description to guide you to the hostel.

Is there Catering during the Festival?

Yes, the following meals will be provided:

  • Breakfast at the hostel
  • Coffee near your workshop venue
  • Lunch box, salad & soup
  • Dinner buffet

Apart from breakfast, all meals will be provided on the festival premises and handed out on production of the festival badge. All meals will be vegetarian.

Side Activities & Public Programme

Can I participate in the festival without registration as well?

Part of our festival is open to the general public. Guests are cordially invited to take part in public events of the festival in Berlin, such as theatre plays, performances, discussion boards and the presentation of the workshop results. Specifications on the cultural programme by the Maxim Gorki Theatre and various other points are provided in due time.

What is the festival language?

The festival will be held in English. Some keynote speeches during the opening and closing ceremonies as well as the epilogue might be given in German. In such a case, we will offer simultaneous translation into English.

Is the supporting programme mandatory for participants?

We would be delighted to see many of you participating in both the opening and closing ceremony and the supporting programme. The festival is designed as an overall experience and you will make exciting experiences and get to know fascinating people. In order to receive your travel allowance at the end of the festival, participation in all workshop sessions is mandatory and will be registered.