Exploring Narratives and Storytelling in a Museum Laboratory

Project Description

This workshop will give you both the chance to receive interesting insights into professional museum work and gain first-hand experience by becoming part of the curatorial team of the festivals’ final exhibition of workshop results.

Museums and exhibitions play a crucial role in the perception of historic events. Carefully curated, they shed lights on aspects or parts of an event, topic or time frame – yet, a “complete picture” can never be on display.

How do museums decide on what story should be told? What methods have curators and educators around the globe chosen to meet the aim of presenting a diverse and inclusive picture? What tools and methods do they use to reach out to the visitor? What has been neglected? …and how would YOU choose to do it? Equipped with knowledge and tools provided to you by workshop teamers with a lot of experience in conveying history in unusual and creative ways, you will actively shape and arrange the presentations at the end of the festival. Your creativity and own expertise is needed here!  As peer guides you are about to experience how ways of presentation and perception of the visitor are linked to each other.

If you are interested in exploring new methods of historical storytelling in a museum laboratory, contribute your own ideas and learn about how to deal with the challenge of presenting history to different audiences, this workshop is the right one for you.

This workshop is provided by

The Federal Agency for Civic Education