Putting WWI Remembrance into Perspective

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Project Description

As a group we will explore different memorials and places of remembrance in Berlin that refer to World War I and related historical conflicts. Our perception of memorials always corresponds with broader trends and sentiments within society. But is it in line with their original purpose? By focusing on practical examples we will discover changes and continuities in the process of remembering World War I. Because of its complexity the Columbiadamm cemetery in Berlin is set to play a key role in the program. We will undertake an excursion to it and learn about the multiple monuments and connected narratives that are to be discovered there.

The workshop aims to initiate a fruitful discussion concerning the statements and stories that are part of the collective memories of World War I. It will be especially interesting to exchange the individual perspectives and opinions within the workshop group. Everybody will be encouraged to inquire about forgotten and overseen memories in the official readings of history.

We will be drawing on the methodical potentials of photography to produce and share individual views and perspectives on memory and remembrance. If possible, please bring your own smart phone, digital camera and/or laptop! An experienced photographer and artist will be joining our workshop to convey basic but impactful skills of digital photography and offer support in all technical and artistic issues. The resulting pictures and collages will be put together for an ad hoc exhibition on the final day of the history festival.

This workshop is provided by

Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e.V. is a humanitarian organisation commissioned by the government of the Federal Republic of Germany with recording and maintaining the graves of German war casualties abroad. The Volksbund provides information to relatives on all matters related to war graves, advises public and private institutions, promotes international cooperation in the area of war grave maintenance and encourages young people to come together to learn at the last resting places of war casualties.




  • Has a degree in photodesign-studies from Lette-Verein Berlin
  • Is a freelance photographer and works successfully as an international photo and video artist
  • Regularly holds workshops and organises independent art-projects as an artistic director




  • Studied communication sciences, art history, and cultural education in Greifswald and Bremen
  • Part of the educational team of the Youth Meeting and Education Center Golm of the Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge
  • Has several years of experience with international media, theatre and intercultural meeting projects




  • Has a master’s degree in history from the University of Erfurt
  • Works as an education consultant for the Volksbund regional chapter in Berlin
  • Is an expert on Berlin memory culture and sites