Remembering WWI a Hundred Years from Now

Project Description

This workshop aims to develop ideas how a Paneuropean museum commemorating WW I could look like. For this project it is important to analyse similarities and differences in the national cultures of remembrance. The following questions will guide our thinking process: How is World War I depicted in museums all around Europe? To which extent is there a discourse about different cultures of remembrance? How important is such a discourse? How can it be facilitated?

In the run-up to the festival, we encourage you to visit local museums or do research in (school) books and newspapers in your home countries to find out how World War I is discussed and presented. During the workshop we will discuss the results of your research. That way, we will get to know the culture of remembrance in different European countries. This will be rounded up by a visit to the Deutsches Historisches Museum where we will learn about the German culture of remembrance and meet an expert in this field.

Based on the participants’ research, our visit to the local museum and our discussions, our ideas and insights will then be merged into a concept for a Paneuropean museum that is set in the year of 2118. How will we think about World War I in 100 years?

This workshop is provided by

Gemeinsam Europa Gestalten e.V. is a non-profit organization which aims to support the European idea. It consists of young people engaged in and passionate about peer-education projects, holding regular workshops on various topics concerning Europe with fun and interactive methods.




  • Studied mechatronics and business management in Mannheim and Wildau/Berlin
  • Works as an auditor for accounting organisation Deloitte
  • Seven years of experience in EU peer education in schools




  • Studied English and History at the University of Hannover
  • Works as a teacher for grades 5-13
  • Organised and participated in several workshops on European topics




  • Studied Political Science and Communication Science in Würzburg, Brussels (BEL) and Bamberg
  • Research associate at University of Bamberg
  • Organises workshops on active citizenship in schools