Our festival was fully packed with intense workshops, artistic performances, passionate discourse, and an engaging public programme.

The festival addressed everyone who is interested in history, its reception and education and how it is linked to current issues and future developments.

The international Campus as an integral part of the festival was especially designed for committed young adults between the age of 18 and 30 who contributed with diverse backgrounds and perspectives to the festival. The Campus started on Wednesday, October 17, 2018. After arriving in Berlin, a great opening ceremony inaugurated the festival and provided food for thought for the upcoming days. From Thursday to Saturday, participants of the Campus were engaged in a single workshop that they have selected during registration for the Campus. With an international workshop group and under the guidance of teamers with a lot of knowledge in the field, they were able to dig deep into a specific topic and developed impressive outcomes that were on display during a final presentation on Saturday. In between the intense workshop-phases there was time to get to know and exchange with other participants, engage in interesting side activities of the festival, enjoy Maxim Gorki Theatre’s impressive cultural programme and experience Berlin history in guided tours. The festival did conclude with a closing ceremony and farewell party on Saturday night, October 20, 2018 before participants returned home on Sunday.

Please note: Participation in the Campus programme was only possible after successful registration. Find out more about the Campus here

For all visitors of Berlin, the festival offered plenty of side activities and cultural performances that could engaged in as a non-Campus-visitors.