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The Game of Textura

History may be set in stone, but the game of ‘Textura’ is not. Masquerading as a board-game, it aims to explore history in a fun, interactive manner all the while promoting narrative competence. There are several tiles in the game which can be divided into two sets – content cards and shortcuts – the gist of the game is then to connect the content cards using the shortcuts. Numerous possibilities between historical persons, events, institutions, etc. are possible. They enable the players to look at historical events through a fresh perspective.
Caroline from the Orange Magazine spoke to Ronald Hild, historian, journalist and political scientist and also the co-developer of the game, in order to know more about his vision behind developing ‘Textura’ and its implications. Watch this space for the full article!
And if you are attending the War or Peace Festival, you can visit Ronald for a round of Textura game about the German-Polish history at Barcamp 7.