Threading a Fabric of Peace for Southern Africa and the World

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This workshop is aimed at revealing the Southern African narrative of the war and its ripple effects that have shaped the Africa we know today. We want to share our inheritance as Africa’s children in order to illustrate how World War I has affected our continent and how its effects are still discernible in the Africa we live in today. We will accomplish this by unthreading the complex legacy of World War I, using innovative and artistic methods so that we can work together and thread a fabric of peace for the present and future, not only for Africa but the world.

The workshop will be interactive and it will create an experience that will live beyond the festival. We have chosen practical and creative methods that will assist us in our dialogues and the crafting of the shared objectives we hope to develop. In doing so, we hope to provide an environment where you can engage beyond scholarly discussions and adopt practical and artistic methods that will shed light on the Southern African narrative of World War I. We also want participants to learn from each other by sharing their insights of the War. We will identify economic, socio-political and psychological consequences of WWI for today’s global transactional political context with a focus on Southern Africa. Collectively, we want to work build and rebuild the desired future through the wisdom vested in the history of World War I. Eventually, we will thread all the information shared and learnt into a real “fabric of peace”.

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Activate! recognises that there are many young South Africans who are talented, motivated and committed to transforming their communities. If we can connect these young people to one another and to points of influence and opportunity, we can reach a critical mass of action that can positively develop and drive public innovation at a national level. The ACTIVATE! Change Drivers training programme explores aspects of leadership and values and it equips Activators with innovative ideas, project planning skills, and an understanding on how to navigate the socio-political, multifaceted landscape of South Africa.


The Civics Academy is a project initiated by the Hanns Seidel Foundation for Southern Africa. Civics Academy is a democracy and civic education initiative, which provides free online video and podcasts on issues relevant to understanding how democracy functions and how citizens can participate in political and democratic processes. Civics Academy works with partners active in democracy and civic education order to add value to these existing platforms. To this end we participate and collaborate on youth dialogues, training and education initiatives around the country.



South Africa

  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Senior Manager at “Activate! Leadership” and activist for youth participation in community development”
  • Member of the presidential working group in the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, working on the South African government’s national youth policy



South Africa

  • Community Development Higher Certificate
  • Project Coordinator at “Active Leadership”
  • Her goal is to empower the African youth and capacitate them to become leaders



South Africa

  • Journalism Graduate
  • Former intern at the Harvard Center for African Studies
  • Youth Ambassador at “Civics Academy” and activist for intellectual liberation and civic education