Building Personal Memorials and Monuments through Storytelling

Project Description

In this workshop we will build personal memorials from hidden memories. It can be difficult to understand the whole picture of important historical events from today’s perspective. We live in a society where generalisation of history tends to keep personal stories silent and hidden. Monuments overshadow individual perspectives. Yet, the stories of contemporary witnesses are incredibly valuable – they increase our understanding of historic events and they are much more capable of sparking empathy. Thankfully, we have fascinating modern technology at hand that helps us tell personal stories and share them with a global audience in various ways and designs. As the aim of this workshop is to make local stories go global and to connect them with similar histories of random people all over Europe, we would like to ask you to bring a laptop, tablet or smartphone if possible.

The workshop will be divided into different phases: In the beginning, you will get a chance to dive into the topic by building your personal history timeline. This will be followed by an idea generation workshop where we will use creative thinking techniques to explore ways in which personal stories and memories can serve as alternatives to the traditional monuments and memorial sites and how the local stories can be globalized in a digital era. Afterwards you will get a chance to pitch your ideas and to form teams. In an open space format, they will come together and start working on their ideas. You will prepare either a showable prototype or a presentation which will be discussed together.

This workshop is provided by

The Creative Development Center is a Georgian NGO with three main goals: Empowering young people through non-formal education, fostering social innovations and entrepreneurship, and supporting peace building and conflict management. The Creative Development Center wants to help building an active and inclusive society through educational opportunities for young people from conflict affected and rural areas.




  • Lecturer of Entrepreneurship at Ilia State University (GEO) and mentor of and consultant for various organizations and start-ups
  • Educational programs coordinator at Creative Development Center
  • Nine years of experience as a facilitator




  • Studied Social and Political Sciences
  • Executive Director of Creative Development Center
  • Eight years of experience in international peace building projects and international facilitation




  • Studied Social and Political Sciences
  • Project manager and trainer at Creative Development Center
  • Regularly involved with management and facilitation of various Hackathons and Creathons organized in Tbilisi and other regions of Georgia